Bike Staycation Touring With Your Family – 6 Major Reasons

Staycation is when your family enjoys their vacation at home instead of traveling. Go on one-day excursions to avoid the daily routine and make it really special for children. One of the best ways to travel is by bike.

Reason 1 – Family Time. It's an activity that the whole family can easily enjoy. Everyone has to take part in planning your staircase where you will circulate during the week by suggesting ideas that the family discusses in advance.

Reason 2 – Low Cost. Except for costs of admittance to museums or historic sights there is little cost. Take a picnic lunch on most days or as a special treat maybe a cafe or two on some days. If you do not have your own bikes, most cities have places to rent. If the kids are really small, you may need to use a trailer built for children

Reason 3 – The ultimate green travel experience. By using the bike there is no pollution.

Did you absorb local food with a picnic and support local businesses when you stopped at a cafe or at a cafe.

Reason 4 – Provides Exercise for Everyone. You do not need to create a long distance, far enough away from speed to something that could include great viewing points. Most cities have plenty of cycling trails to help you avoid traffic. Depending on where you live, you may need to travel a short distance to start a bicycle trip to avoid traffic.

Reason 5 – See the local attractions you've always planned to visit. Change the itinerary to make it an educational visit to some of the historic sites, some parks, some fun spots, or scenic gazebo. Even a visit to the far end farms can be pleasant. If you have small children, have them create pictures of what they saw during the day they came home.

Reason 6 – Get to know the local people. Cycling is very social and you are sure to meet many people on cycling trails and on your stances.

Talk to your family and excite them, get out the map and plan a safe and good-natured trip and enjoy Staycation!