Dreamliner can be the flight's future!

For a year or two there will be continuous flights at destinations of over eight thousand miles from Scottish airports without the plane having a weight penalty when the new Boeing Dreamliner 787-8 arrives.

Fantastic aircraft Boeing Dreamliner can achieve 20% fuel savings and 60% less noise compared to similar aircraft. This airplane will set the standard for the future of aviation.

Now Airbus took it into consideration and had to consider the design of its Airbus 350 which was not even built. Most folk nonsense have long fleet flights, Most of the aircraft under pressure is at 8,000 feet, but Dreamliner has pressure on the cabin set at 6,000 feet. This should prevent the jetlag.

Indoor compartments will be larger and the toilet will allow wheelchair access. The windows on this aircraft will also be larger with the coloring mechanism installed to replace the older shades.

They will be all new wireless entertainment systems in the aircraft and small LEDs (light-emitting diodes) that will simulate daylight or night lighting conditions in the cabin. Dreamliner is also 12 "wider than other similar aircraft that should give more space in the passage.

Dreamliner also has a cargo carrier that can carry five pallets and five containers of LD3 apparently travel bags. 19659002] About 350 of these aircraft are ordered and safe I'm going to be more ordered when people are actually flying in one, and reviews are going to spill.