Buy your cheap airline tickets and explore the pleasures of Hong Kong

Hong Kong sends a brilliant experience to its visitors. The dynamism of this city feels like a bait when you enter the airport. Even simple things like drinking local tea or gorging on smoke summers and noodles make life a spicy excitement. In short, the city is written like a cute kitchen, cheerful shopping and absolutely fantastic sightseeing. Take one of those ridiculously cheap tickets to Hong Kong and discover all the jewels of this destination. Do not falsify the following points in your itinerary.

Times Square

Times Square, with nine storey floors, is perhaps the largest shopping mall in Hong Kong. The spectacular exterior with humorous display and electronic clock has served as a place of counting for the millenniums of 2000. Times Square is definitely the place where visitors ultimately spend all that they save on Hong Kong airline companies .

Western Market

After an overwhelming experience at Times Square, one can embark on the West market for a sense of buying. It is a charming four-storey building from the Edvardian era and offers a wonderful souvenir shopping. On the first floor there are incredible silk and other fabrics.

The square of the statue

The world has already seen the scenes of the Cuban Square in movies like "Tomb Raider II" and " The Dark Knight. Most talked about the buildings in Hong Kong that were found to be beautiful in Trg kipa. This includes the establishment of a Legislative Council, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), the Bank of China, the International Finance Center and St. Louis. Cathedral of Ivana. The International Financial Center is one of the tallest buildings in the world. In fact, the whole area of ​​the sculpture square displays amazing architectural endeavors.

Wong Temple of Tai Sin

Temple of Wong Tai Sin nicely combines Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian traditions. The temple was named after Wong Tai Son, an accused alchemist who allegedly made a magic pot that could cure any illness. This temple has a brilliant ambiance with its golden ceilings, red cushions and complex lace decorations. During the Chinese New Year celebration, the Temple of Wong Tai Sin becomes bursts in a frenzied glorious mood.

Victoria Peak

The charming Victoria Peak is a colonial cell from the colonial era. Just taking the charming old mountain lift to Victoria Peak makes an exciting experience. Scaling the top of the overhead tramway here is the favorite activity of adrenaline junkies. One of the main features of Victoria Peak is the Cafe Deco Dining Room. Other attractions include a top-end walks, stunning views of the Peak Tower and shopping at the Peak Gallery.