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Can I place my personal items in the car?
All personal items are placed in vehicles at the owner’s risk. Auto transporters are not licensed or insured for the transport of personal items or household goods. You may place up to 50 lbs. in the trunk/cargo area of your vehicle at your own risk and we are not responsible in any way for such items. Please see shipping terms for further details.
What type of insurance is included to protect my car?
All of the motor carriers must provide primary insurance coverage for the customer’s vehicle. The motor carrier insurance is primary coverage to your own insurance coverage, in an unlikely event that a claim may arise. Please see shipping terms and the pickup bill of lading for details on coverage. Insurance certificates for assigned motor carriers will be provided upon request.
What are the standard steps for order placement and vehicle shipment?
Once you obtain a shipping quote from us and you place your order and make at least a deposit payment, scheduling of auto transport will be arranged based upon your first date available for pickup on your order. The dispatch center and/or driver will contact you in advance to arrange the details for the pickup once a truck has been assigned for your route. The bill of lading inspection report will be completed upon pickup by the driver and both the shipper and the driver will agree to and sign the form, and a copy will be left with the shipper. The dispatch center and/or driver will contact the receiver in advance and upon delivery, the vehicle will be re-inspected for release and the receiver will sign for the vehicle and pay any remainder balance due in the form of cash or cashiers check made payable to the motor carrier.
What is the estimated transport time?
Typical transport time coast to coast nationwide is estimated at 7-14 days in transit once a vehicle is picked up. The estimated transport time varies for shorter distances and routes. Auto transporters cannot guarantee exact transport times due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather elements, road conditions, natural disasters, mechanical issues, etc.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all forms of payment including all major credit cards, e-checks, personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders and cash upon delivery for balances only. The C.O.D. upon delivery is payable to the motor carrier and must be paid by cash, cashier’s check or money order.