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Vehicle Transport Global Service

Vehicle transport is a service that is used for shipping motorized vehicles of all types from a location anywhere in the world to another destination. There are many reasons a vehicle may require shipping. People commonly use the service when moving their households from one place to another. Businesses and government departments use it to transport vehicles to others areas in the country or the world. For example, there may be a need for vehicles to be sent because they are required for an archeological dig, a military operation, a film set, a tourism event, a construction site, a public event or for recreational purposes. The types of vehicles that can be shipped around the world include cars, trucks and SUVs, motorcycles, atvs and trikes, heavy machinery, boats and construction equipment.

The actual types of service offered for transporting vehicles can vary depending on the location of departure and destination for the vehicle. Inside the continental United States, cars and other means of motorized transportation can be conveniently sent from door to door, or terminal to terminal. In this case, the customer needs to take several steps, beginning with contacting their vehicle transportation company to discuss their needs and obtain shipping rates. They will be supplied with all of the necessary options available for the route their vehicle will take when shipped. Once all of the details have been determined, the customer is required to complete a contract and give payment authorization to initiate the shipping order. Part of the shipping requirement is obtaining a special type of insurance.

Next, the customer is given instructions to prepare the vehicle for moving and a pick up time is determined. The vehicle can be picked up from either a home residence or business location. From that point, the vehicle is taken to a local terminal where it is loaded onto the equipment that will be used to transport it to its destination. Once it arrives at the destination terminal, the customer is contacted to schedule a delivery time at either their residence or place of business. The vehicle is then delivered to customer. This is a relatively stress-free process that offers flexibility and convenience for people that have a need for vehicle transport.