Standard Service (At No Additional Cost):

  • Door to Door Open Car Carrier

    Your vehicle is picked up and delivered to designated locations of your choice. Your assigned carrier will place your vehicle on a double decker auto transport truck similar to those seen on freeways and highways transporting multiple cars. This is the most economical way of transporting your vehicle promptly.

  • (Door to Port)/(Port to Door) To/From (Hawaii/Alaska):

    (Detailed Shipping Instructions will be provided upon order placement)

  • To Hawaii/Alaska: Your vehicle is picked up by an auto transport truck at the location of your choice and transported to one of the 3 major ports on the west coast (Seattle, Oakland, or Long Beach). Vehicles are then loaded into a covered container for shipment to your island/port of choice and you will personally receive your vehicle at that port.
  • From Hawaii/Alaska: You will drop off your vehicle at any one of the ports in Hawaii or Alaska, and then it is transported in a covered container to one of the 3 major west coast ports (Seattle, Oakland or Long Beach). From these ports your vehicle is picked up and shipped to your designated location of choice within the mainland by an auto transport truck.
  • Door to Door Enclosed Car Carrier:

    Your vehicle is picked up and delivered to designated locations of your choice. Your assigned carrier will place your vehicle inside a covered truck where it will have extra protection from any weather elements and road conditions. This is the most recommended method of transporting high end, luxury and classic vehicles.

  • Terminal to Terminal:

    Your vehicle will be picked up and dropped off by an auto transport truck from/to designated terminal locations of your choice. The selection of the terminals of your choice is your responsibility as we do not refer or endorse any particular terminal.

  • Multiple Car Discounts:

    You will receive a discounted rate if you ship more than one vehicle from the same pickup and delivery locations.

  • Fleet Loads:

    We offer exceptional competitive rates if you ship 10 cars or more at the same time. This usually applies to auto dealerships, corporate relocation companies, and military personnel relocations, etc.

Additional Service (Additional Fees Will Apply):

  • Inoperable Vehicles:

    For vehicles that cannot operate and need to be winched on to the carrier, we will arrange for a specially equipped truck to load the car onto the carrier. The car must roll, steer, and brake or we cannot transport it.

  • Oversized/Non-Standard Vehicles:

    For vehicles longer than 16 feet or non-standard in any way, including and not limited to big tires, suspension raises, older classics, lowered vehicles or any alterations or customized vehicles.

  • Expedited Pickup:

    For customers who are in a rush to expedite orders for pickup and cannot comply with the standard estimated 7-14 days required for pickup. We will arrange for expedited pickup service within 7 days after complete order placement.

*Please see detailed shipping terms and pickup bill of lading for any further details.

Auto Transport in Your State

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