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Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport Service

Are you planning a move to or from Houston and require auto transport services? We offer terminal-to-terminal auto transport, which presents a convenient and budget-friendly choice for you. When you opt for terminal-to-terminal auto shipping services, you leave your auto at a specified location and deliver it at a specified location in your new city. It is a cost-effective solution that takes the place of having to make a lengthy cross-country travel on your own and may end up standing as a more cost-effective and convenient option, too, especially for lengthy travels.

With a remarkable 25 years of experience in auto transport, a committed team of professionals, and well-trained auto movers, We have earned a strong reputation within the industry. Our outstanding auto transport services extend nationwide, encompassing convenient door-to-door auto transport, and also offer discounts for multiple-vehicle transport.

Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport Service In Houston

The Benefits of Using Terminal-to-Terminal Vehicle Shipping Service

  • Lower Costs

    Save some money by skipping residential pickup and drop off fees. Keeping things between terminals means more cost-effective and saving transportation costs.

  • Less Hassle

    Save money and time arranging home pickups and meeting drivers for delivery. With terminals, drop off and grab your keys on the other end. Easy peasy.

  • Faster Transport

    No residential stops mean we can get your ride where it needs to and go to the method ASAP. We're talking faster transit, so you're reunited quicker.

  • Better Tracking

    Terminals have a top-notch tech to track your autos journey from start to finish. Get real-time updates on your vehicle's every move for peace of mind.

  • Added Security

    Your wheels are safe and sound in our terminal's secured facility until pickup. No weather damage or theft worries. We have eyes on your ride 24/7.

  • Insurance Options

    We even offer insurance for an extra layer of protection during transit, so your car is protected. Add it to your plan for optimal security.

Our terminal-to-terminal auto shipping comes fully equipped with the added benefits of terminal shipping only. Say goodbye to the complexities of residential logistics and opt for the simplicity of terminal transport. Let us handle the rest while you kick back!

Why Choose Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping?

When using car shipping for your precious vehicle, you deserve a reliable and cost-effective service. Terminal-to-terminal car shipping is the shining star of the auto transport industry, offering several advantages over other options. Let’s explore the top reasons to choose the best, terminal-to-terminal car shipping company.


Terminal-to-terminal car shipping offers a budget-friendly way to ship your car without sacrificing quality. You get the best value for your money using a terminal-to-terminal auto transport service.

Safe and Secure

Don't worry about your car's safety during transit. Our terminal-to-terminal services feature top-notch security measures and professional handling to ensure your vehicle arrives in perfect condition.

Versatility Matters

Terminal-to-terminal car shipping is flexible and convenient, whether you're moving, buying a car from out of town, or relocating your vehicle. With terminals strategically located, you've got options.

No Address Hassles

Skip the hassle of coordinating pickup and delivery. With terminal-to-terminal car shipping, drop off and pick up your car at one terminal or designated terminals for a convenient experience.


Terminal-to-terminal shipping is the only option offered faster and more efficiently, transporting vehicles with streamlined routes and fewer stops. Get your car to its destination quickly, whether it's across the state or the country.

Multiple Vehicle Discounts

Are you transporting more than one vehicle? Terminal-to-terminal services offer attractive discounts on additional fees for multiple vehicles, making it a smart choice for families and businesses.

How Does Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport Work?

Are you looking to move your vehicle from Point A to Point B without any headaches? We’ve got you covered. Here’s how we handle it from start to end:

  • Grab a Quote

    Contact us or fill out the quotation form, and we'll catch you up with a personalized quote for terminal-to-terminal transport tailored to your specific needs. There are no hidden fees - we offer simple, transparent pricing.

  • Drop Off Your Auto

    Once we've locked in your booking, roll up to the origin of the transport terminal on the scheduled day. We'll take it from there - our Countrywide Auto Transport team will guide you through the dropoff process to make it smooth and stress-free. Consider your ride officially in good hands!

  • Sit Back, We've Got This

    Now, the entertaining part is that your car gets loaded up on our carrier and transported safely to the destination terminal. We'll give you updates on your vehicle's journey so you can track the progress. Just sit back and relax.

  • Pick Up Your Vehicle

    We'll have your set of wheels waiting for you when it hits the destination terminal. Swing by at your convenience to pick it up. Our team will take care of the final retrieval details so you can be on your way.

There you have it – shipping your auto terminal-to-terminal made simple. There are no residential stops or delivery worries, just convenient pickup and dropoff. Hit us up. Let’s get your wheels moving!

Transport Your Auto with Countrywide Auto Transport Today!

Terminal-to-terminal auto transport service involves delivering your vehicle to a designated terminal and collecting it at another terminal, differing from door-to-door service, where the carrier handles pickup and delivery to your specific address.

We’ve got our terminal right in Houston, TX. For anyone shipping to or from Houston City, we offer free storage at our terminal location. Great deal, right? Just contact us now if we’re in your budget.

If you like what you see, go ahead and book through the quote form or give us a call to lock it in over the phone. Our terminal, storage fees, and rates make shipping easy and budget-friendly.
So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this opportunity started and move your automobile over to the world! We’re here to make the auto-shipping experience and process smooth from start to finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions ​

Once you hand over the keys at the origin terminal, sit back and relax. We’ll have your car parked and ready at the destination terminal when it’s convenient for you.

Your car will ride safely and securely in an enclosed trailer with other vehicles. We only transport vehicles between remote locations and our terminals, so you can be sure your car is in good hands.

Our terminals and street parking are secure facilities with gates, cameras, and the works – your ride is totally protected—no worries about the weather or anyone messing with it.

We base quotes on mileage between terminals, vehicle size, time of year, and other factors. Online tools give instant estimates, and then we finalize costs at booking.

Yes, We offer big discounts for shipping multiple cars together between terminals. Perfect for families or auto dealerships – ask for details.

Dates can be adjusted as needed. Just give us a heads-up. We’re flexible to work with your schedule and make sure your car arrives when expected.

You know it! Added coverage for the drive between terminals is available for peace of mind. Discuss add-ons with our booking representative.

Our shipping experts are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today with any questions, and we’ll get your car moving!